Friday, April 30, 2010

The Doctrine of Solly Forell

The Doctrine of Solly Forell

The Doctrine of Solly Forell has been formulated as a collection of social principles and a rededication to Capitalism as the true counterbalance of the Socialistic predilections of Barack Hussein Obama. Two main pillars are identified for the Forell Doctrine: The Election of Barack Hussein Obama as the 44th POTUS was an American Electorate Mistake and November Elections in 2010 and 2012 will facilitate the Correction.

Four main points are highlighted as primary initiatives of the Solly Forell Doctrine: Defeat Barack Hussein Obama‘s Democratic Party in November 2010, Nullify the Balance of the Obama Presidency, Dispatch a New Breed of Conservatives onto the streets of America to Seek and Destroy inevitable Race Baiting used to fuel an Impotent Democratic Party and finally defeat Barack Hussein Obama in November 2012.

Now, at this critical juncture, is the time to put country before race. Now is the time to put country before religion. Now is the time to put country before sexual orientation. Now is the time to put the needs and interests of the United States of America before the needs and interests of one Barack Hussein Obama.

[Black Water comes from Black Rain…]

Providing aid, comfort, and yes, muscle to the following Conservative Leaders, Journalists & Organizations committed to Retaking America from Barack Obama:

Richard ‘Dick’ Cheyney
Karl Rove
Rush Limbaugh
Dick Morris
Michelle Malkin
Sarah Palin
Michelle Bachman
Eric Cantor
John Boehner
Paul Ryan
Ann Coulter
Sean Hannity
Glen Beck
SE Cupp

Let he who is accused of racism by supporters of Barack Hussein Obama be turned over to Solly Forell for treatment. “We’ve never spared the rod and spoiled a child.”
Available LIVE 24 HOURS A DAY to the aforementioned Conservative Standard Bearers. “You might not need me this moment but if and when you do need the services of Solly Forell - I’ll be there for you in a big way!”

Solly Forell’s Race Baiting, Hate Mongers For Barack Obama List
(Don’t get your name on this list all willy-nilly. Could be Trouble!)

NEWS FLASH: New Conservative Muscle Aims Race-Proof Offensive at Liberals.

Leader of a small band of Renegade Conservatives committed to nullifying the use of Race Baiting as a Political Weapon of the Liberal Left.

Janeane Garofalo - An example of what happens when actors start to postulate as their on-screen characters would. This is the case for tiny ‘West Wing’ star Janeane Garofalo who thinks opposition to Barack Obama is “because he’s a Black Man in the White House! Plain and simple.” If the breeze of a Midgle’s Liberal Hot Air tickles your belly button, it might be pint-sized Race Baiter Janeane Garofalo claiming any opposition to Barack Obama is RACISM!

Chris Matthews - Poster-man for Moronic Journalism. What amazes me is that MSNBC actually considers Matthews to be a serious journalist. Don’t be surprised at any stance this dumb ‘male’ blonde takes to help the second coming of the Messiah prevail in November. Since no one will really be watching Matthews’ hardly rated shows, just know that he is the deluxe version of a Race Baiting, Hate Monger for Barack Obama.

[ >Insert Name of Race Baiting, Hate Monger for Barack Obama here< ]

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